Selected features

We Will Curse You, Lapham’s Quarterly (October 2018)

Julius Caesar’s Empty Audience, Lapham’s Quarterly (December 2017)

The Fascist Building in Upper Manhattan, Atlas Obscura (May 2016)

The Cutthroat Politics of Public Health in Ancient Rome, The Atlantic (April 2016)

The Exotic Animal Traffickers of Ancient Rome, The Atlantic (March 2016)

The Plagues That Might Have Brought Down the Roman Empire, The Atlantic (March 2016)

The Ancient Romans That Healed Through Pleasure, The Atlantic (March 2016)

The Future of History? It’s Already Here, HistoryBuff (October 2015)

Decline and Fall: Did Lead Poisoning Bring Down the Roman Empire?, HistoryBuff (October 2015)

3 Infographics that Created Modern Public Health, HistoryBuff (October 2015)

What Lies Beneath: The Morbid History of Pompeii’s Body Casts, HistoryBuff (October 2015)

Ancient Roman Lentils with Chestnuts: Italian Food before Tomatoes, Leftovers History (September 2015)

The Eternal Guffaw: John Leech and The Comic History of Rome, The Public Domain Review (February 2015)

How Victorian London Almost Ended up with a Roman Sewer, The Appendix, Issue 2.4 (December 2014)

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